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While the Planet Burns…

“There is a certain ironic satisfaction in seeing a study funded by the Koch Brothers—the greatest funders of climate change denial and disinformation on the planet–demonstrate what scientists have known with some degree of confidence for nearly two decades: that the globe is indeed warming, and that this warming can only be explained by human-caused increases in greenhouse gas concentrations.  I applaud Muller and his colleagues for acting as any good scientists would, following where their analyses led them, without regard for the the possible political repercussions.”

Since the vast majority of climate scientists reached this conclusion decades ago, Muller’s temperature study is noteworthy mainly because the oil-billionaire Charles Koch, climate-

Charles Koch

denier extraordinaire, provided the lion’s share of funding for Muller’s work.

Money is Not Reality

After $61 million spent on climate-denial front groups, will Koch finally cease funding to organizations that deny climate science?

A New Anti-Global Warming Champion?

“I did talk to Charles Koch. He emphasized from the beginning that he was concerned about valid issues in the science. He wanted us to straighten out those issues. He didn’t know what answer we would get. He just wanted it to be put on a solid, firm foundation. That’s what we’ve done.”

Something to Watch For Today

Dr John R Christy, who is set to appear in front of the Senate Environment Committee this Wednesday, August 1st. With temperature records continually being broken, is Christy really going to tell our legislators that nothing out of the ordinary is occurring?


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