I’m a formerly homeless mother. I have two children and I have slept in cars, under bridges, in abandoned houses and for the last twenty-five years I have taught people how to build homeless encampments and take over abandoned churches, abandoned houses, in an effort to stay alive and create leaders and help them develop the kind of consciousness they need to participate in helping to build this larger army in order to take this country back. That’s who I am, that’s what I’ve been doing for twenty-five years, and I only see my run for Vice President as an extension of that.

Jill and I are completely in this to win it. History doesn’t go in a straight line, it goes in leaps. It can happen here. But the win is also in the growing participation of people to take their country back by kicking the drug that has been sedating them—the two faced one party system of Democrats and Republicans. If we can create a huge exodus from these corporate-backed parties, that too will be a win.

What is going to hurt Obama is that after four years in office people can now see that he is pro-war, anti-immigrant, and nothing but another tool of the one per cent. If we continue to vote for the corporate-controlled, one party system in this country it will continue to hurt all of us. We’ve got to stop talking about “change” and be the change that we want to see. That means occupying the ballot in as many states as possible, not worrying if it’s a “swing state,” not worrying about whether or not we’re going to be “spoilers,” this whole thing is already rotten. We have to be pioneers and not be afraid of the unknown.

The Green Party will be on the ballot in at least forty states. We’ve qualified for federal matching funds in most of those. That has never been done before by an independent party. It’s not just a statement on behalf of the Greens, it’s a statement on behalf of the American people. They’re tired of going nowhere except down.

Is America a democracy?

We are far from having any kind of democracy in this country. The money we raise, even with matching funds, is just a drop in the bucket compared to the funding Obama and Romney are getting from a handful of billionaires donating to Super PACs.

The Occupy movement has been a very important development in our country and around the world where people who are frustrated with and angry about not having a future began to call out the one per cent. Occupy isn’t just about reform. It’s a call for fundamental transformation. Jill and I see ourselves as the Occupy candidates. Everybody should go out and occupy the ballot.


Cheri Honkala, US VP candidate, Green Party

Cheri Honkala, US Green Party VP Candidate

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