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GPDE member Kris LynnBreaking news – Green Kris Lynn to run for city council in Delaware City!

Delaware City resident for 25 years and active GPDE member, Kris Lynn, is running for council in Delaware City. Kris lives right in the shadow of the Delaware City Refinery and has been witness to the chemical/industrial complex’s community responsibility go from bad to worse with it’s increasing lack of transparency to local residents and community leaders. She hopes to be a bridge builder and to foster communication with the Refinery in the event of a plant emergencies.

Her platform will be based on the importance of community, good stewardship of the environment and transparency in government.

As a true Green, Kris’ campaign will be a grassroots campaign and she will need YOUR help to build grassroots support. To get involved, you can email Kris at

DC Refinery trains

No real answers on tar sands oil trains from the Refinery

The Delaware City Refining Company hosted a Community Open House, at the request of State Representative Valerie Longhurst and State Senator Nicole Poore, to discuss and answer questions on DCR’s new rail operations. Representatives from Norfolk Southern Corporation and various local emergency response personnel were also in attendance.This was a community meeting to discuss plans to increase the already increased train traffic to the Delaware City Refinery of dirty tar sands/fracked oil from Canada and North Dakota  and the Refinery representatives didn’t have any real answers to questions from concerned citizens wanting to know more about pollution, safety, health and toxic chemicals rolling right past their homes and businesses.

The questions were not answered. Lisa Hodaei, a homeowner new to the area, was there: “I simply asked them to address the boiler/sulfur dioxide release 4 weeks ago, to better explain the difference in the processing of tar sands vs. crude, and to detail more about how the solid, liquid, and gaseous waste would be handled/where it would be going, etc., all of which they totally evaded.”

Read more HERE + HERE + HERE.

You can also see a video of some of the questions from the crowd.

Port of Wilmington

Port of Wilmington update – why is a deal with Kinder Morgan so bad?

If the Markell/Levin administration could do things their way, they would have struck a deal, in secret, with Kinder Morgan and announced it to a surprised public.  Give them points for tenacity; they are still insisting that this would be a great deal for Delaware.

But, the public did find out that Alan Levin, Director of Economic Development (DEDO) and Chair of the Diamond State Port Corporation (DSPC), had been negotiating in secret with Kinder Morgan, to lease the Port of Wilmington. Kinder Morgan was bestowed “preferred bidder” status. Legislators were, needless to say, concerned that one of the state’s greatest assets was being pedaled on the sly. They voted themselves oversight and final approval of any potential deal.

Markell was smart enough to realize a veto was not the way to go; the bill got his signature. He says now that he understands that legislators would want some oversight, but clearly he doesn’t want them to use it.

Now, we find that although the Port was allocated over $20million for improvements during the current fiscal year, Levin has not allowed any of it to be spent. Similarly, Markell did not request any money for the Port in the budget submitted for the next fiscal year. Clearly the administration expects to close this deal.
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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

GPDE Coordinating Committee Meeting

7pm – 9pm
Crabby Dick’s Delaware City, DE (map)

St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Members of GPDE will march in the parade. Want to join us in? Get in touch.
Dover, DE

Party Building & Operations Meeting

7pm – 9pm
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