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July 19, 2013

Green Party of Delaware contends that ALEC and the corporate subversion of government complicit in the death of Trayvon Martin

Demands all Delaware legislators cut ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council

WILMINGTON, DE — The Green Party of Delaware stands with the millions of Americans disillusioned with the justice system in light of the recent acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. While this verdict brings racial persecution and our criminally broken and ineffective justice system to the forefront, the Green Party of Delaware contends that ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is also culpable in this and other cases.

ALEC is the group responsible for bringing stand-your-ground laws to Florida. Their mission involves partnering with legislators and their corporate sponsors to produce “model” legislation that benefits its corporate membership and promotes their agenda of limited government and corporate-controlled markets. ALEC pushed through stand-your-ground legislation in Florida in 2005, written in large part by the NRA, and it has since also become law in 24 other states. These laws are dangerous because they embolden individuals to take the law into their own hands. While Zimmerman’s defense team ultimately did not use the stand-your-ground law in his defense, it is reasonable to expect that the law gave him a sense of approval to act as if he were law enforcement. This is done for the benefit of special interest groups and corporations whose goal is to promote their agenda, and sales, above the safety of the community.

The tragic fact is that justice was not served, for Trayvon or for us, by the Zimmerman trial and there will be many more of these cases until stand-your-ground laws are repealed. ALEC and its corporate partners should also be on trial by the public for their part in subverting the political process for corporate gain at the expense of citizens.

The Green Party of Delaware demands an end to corporate intrusion into our political system. We demand that Delaware legislators with ties to ALEC (Rep. Deborah Hudson, Rep. Daniel Short, Sen. Patricia Blevins, Sen. Margaret R. Henry and any others not named here) terminate them immediately. Legislation should be written by legislators representing real people, not by corporate sponsors with an agenda. Terminating Delaware legislators’ ties with ALEC is necessary for regaining control of our government and addressing the inequalities in our justice system.

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