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Green GrowthThe Green Party of Delaware is Growing

And we need your support to continue our upward growth!
You probably already know that the Green Party of Delaware does not accept corporate donations of any kind, we are a people funded party (and corporations are not people, no matter how much the Supreme Court tries to say otherwise). That means just like public radio (or public radio of yesteryear), we are funded by you–and we need your support!

Last year the Green Party of Delaware had several candidates on the ballot and all had a great showing–with our gubernatorial and US House candidates coming in 3rd with 4600 and 4300 votes respectively. Pretty impressive for totally grassroots campaigns!

And now is the time to plan for 2014 and that’s where you come in. Our candidates don’t need a lot of money for their grassroots campaigns, but there are doors to knock on, debates to attend and yards that need signs!

As we table at various events, stand on out the street protesting, talk to folks in line at the grocery store, it seems there are more and more Delawareans who are fed up with the 2 party duopoly and who finally seem ready to listen to talk of a 3rd party, and that’s us–the Green Party.

We are on the verge of something big here in Delaware and we need you!

Whether it’s $5 or $105, your donation will fund the hard work of growing the Green Party in Delaware. Monthly recurring donations are also pretty great too, because it gives us the opportunity to plan ahead and budget. You can easily set that up on your credit card via our WePay donations page.

Donate now!

Get Involved

How Else Can You Help?

What other ways can you get involved?

  • Follow GPDE on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Get involved in discussions about issues you care about.
  • Share your talent and your time with the GPDE. Whether it’s tabling at an event, helping to register people to vote or helping to promote GPDE via social media, help is always needed to grow this party. Get in touch.
  • Start a Local in your town.
  • Make sure to attend meetings and other events.
  • Run for office! Whether it’s for the school board or the governor’s office!
Contribute $5

Can $5 Help?

YES! Every little bit counts. Currently, we need money to help pay for our web space, stickers to give away at events, the registration fee for Community Day in Newark, to run the bubble machine we use at events (kids love this!). $5 can buy about 2 weeks of server space, about 65 stickers, part of the registration fee or a whole lot of bubble solution!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

GPDE Coordinating Committee Meeting
6pm – 7pm

Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1502 W 13th St, Wilmington, DE (map)
There will be a screening of A Fierce Green Fire afterwards, sponsored by Delaware Sierra Club.7/20
Delaware City Day Parade

Clinton St. Delaware City, DE
GPDE will be marching in the parade, join us!

GPDE Party Building Meeting

7pm – 9pm
Location TBD.

Get Your Green Gear

Get your GPDE t-shirts, magnetic bumper stickers and more and help support and promote your party of choice!

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