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Green GrowthJoin us at the Middletown Peach Festival Parade

Come march with GPDE members in the parade!
The Green Party of Delaware will be marching in the 20th Annual Middletown Olde-Tyme Peach Parade in Middletown, DE this Saturday, August 17th. The parade starts at 9am, but line up is between 7-9 at Everett Meredith Middle School. The route is up Broad St and then turning east on Main St. and ending up on S. Catherine St.

All are welcome to march in the parade–the more the merrier. We have signs and flags that need folks to hold, so we hope to see you there! After the parade, join us for an early lunch (and margaritas for those who are so inclined) at Los Machados at 600 N. Broad St, Middletown.

And for those who missed it, GPDE members took part in the Delaware City Day Parade and we did raise a bit of a stir with some of our signage. Not sure why, we were just calling it how we see it.

Our theme for the Delaware City Day parade was “Toxic Jack” and his zombie pirates who are looting and pillaging Delaware’s natural resources. The theme for the Peach Festival parade will have something to do with peaches…and we bet you can’t wait to see what we come up with?

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Why DE Needs the Green Party

Just a few good reasons

  1. An end to corporate welfare.
  2. Jobs that pay a living wage, not a minimum wage.
  3. No more backroom deals sacrificing Delaware’s resources, infrastructure and residents.
  4. Sustainable growth and management of our wetlands, coastline and other vulnerable areas, which are at risk of sea level rise.
  5. Halt the school to prison pipeline that unfairly targets minorities and those caught in the cycle of poverty.
  6. An end to the ‘Delaware Way’ in politics, which stifles citizen engagement and grassroots democracy and does not allow for transparency.
  7. Repeal of the unjust, inhumane and ineffective death penalty.
  8. Legalization of marijuana.
  9. A commitment to  help Delawareans avert and plan for the greatest global threat facing us all–climate change.

What other reasons are there? Let’s start a dialogue!

We Don’t Need No Newark NOx!

The City of Newark has been negotiating for more than a year in support of a 248 megawatt natural gas fired power plant for The Data Centers LLC.[“TDC has signed a lease with the University of Delaware to occupy a site on the STAR Campus and has lined up over half of the construction funding with investment bankers. The STAR campus is a 272-acre property purchased by the University of Delaware from Chrysler during is bankruptcy back in 2009. TDC will lease 43 acres, and will be the second tenant there, next door to Bloom Energy, which makes solid-oxide fuel cells.

Three tenants have already agreed to occupy space at the TDC facility when the site is operational in late 2014, including the University of Delaware. Opportunities exist for additional tenants to reserve space in the first phase of the facility as well.”]

The proposed power plant is more than double Newark’s current electric load (including the University of Delaware and industrial customers) of 92 MW. Read more.

There is a special public forum scheduled at the George Wilson Community Center at 6pm on September 3rd for more info.

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