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September 18, 2013

Green Party of Delaware Opposes the Proposed Power Plant University of Delaware Campus in Newark, DE

Members will join a protest on September 21st in front of the proposed power plant site.

WILMINGTON, DE — The Green Party of Delaware (GPDE) opposes the construction of a proposed 248 MW power plant in Newark, DE and plan to join a citizen protest on Saturday, September 21st from 4:30-6pm in Newark on S. College Ave.

The Data Centers, LLC (TDC) has leased land from the University of Delaware on the Science, Technology & Advanced Research (STAR) Campus and plans to build a 900,000 square foot facility comprising a data center and a natural gas power plant, which will
power the data center. The surplus power will be sold to DEMEC (Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation, Inc), the utility that powers the City of Newark.

GPDE is opposed to this project for a variety of reasons. First, there has been very little citizen oversight–the City of Newark has been in private talks with TDC for over a year. There are also citizen concerns about the role to University of Delaware is playing in this project and residents have shared that they feel bullied by the University.

“When the University of Delaware purchased the Chrysler Assembly Plant, the members of the community were assured that an open public engagement process would proceed in the redevelopment of the site for classrooms, science research and low-impact development.  I am particularly disappointed to learn that the University of Delaware met with The Data Centers LLC in January 2012 and has been working behind the scenes to bring a power plant to our neighborhood.  Public engagement was replaced with a back-room deal” said Amy Roe, Newark resident.

 Second, GPDE is against this power plant because of issues of health and safety. Delaware received failing grades for its air quality from the American Lung Association’s State of the Air Report for 2013, including an “F” for ozone. TDC has stated it plans to emit 80 tons of a year of NOx, a leading contributor to increased levels of ozone. There’s also the danger of locating gas pipelines and a power plant directly adjacent to the rail cars carrying tar sands oil through Newark. The potential for a large scale disaster (as happened in July in Quebec, Canada) will increase by orders of magnitude with the construction of this plant.

Finally, this plant will be powered with natural gas, which is not a renewable energy source and is a major threat to the climate. Governor Jack Markell recently signed Executive Order 41 calling for “continuing Delaware’s national leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions”. It is disturbing that the Delaware Economic Development Office would give a grant of $7.5 million to TDC to build a natural gas pipeline in light of the Governor’s recent commitment to being a national leader in reducing the emissions that lead to climate change. Total greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas are nearly identical to coal, when methane leakage at the point of extraction and during transmission are taken into account.

Members of the Green Party of Delaware will be joining a protest of Newark residents in support of their opposition to the proposed plant on Saturday, September 21st from 4:30-6pm. GPDE members will also attend a community Town Hall scheduled for Tuesday, September 24th from 7-9pm at Newark High School.

 What: Draw the Line No Newark Power Plant in Newark

Who: Green Party of Delaware to join in support of the Newark Residents Against the Power Plant

Where: Meet in front of the Newark Amtrak parking lot across from the Girl Scouts on S. College Ave.

When: Saturday, September 21st from 4:30-6pm

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