Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes 12/18/2013

Community Service Building – 10th and Orange St Wilmington. 11th St Parking garage at 111 W. 11th or street parking.

Steve, Jen, Mark, Denise, Dave & Stephanie in attendance.

  1. Approval of minutes from 10/08/13 & 11/12/13 – APPROVED

  1. Treasurer’s Report & Reimbursements

$846.33 + 2 checks for $20 = $866.33

Cafepress check should have Sent a check. Dave will check for mail and Jen or Steve will check with Cafepress.

  1. Registration Update

633 approximately. Look into the verification of registration. Does it make sense to target college students? Target high school students? Maybe reach out to UD student groups like UD Fossil Free and Students 4 Environment. Here’s the DOE regulations about college students registering.

Films? Can we partner with other groups to promote films to help increase registration?

Official registrar with the state can constrain efforts to register for a particular party.

We need to make inroads in Sussex County. How? Reach out to people against the chicken processing plant as a start.  Maybe some of us can reach out to residents to offer help. Maybe one of us can write a LTE and reach out to contacts to see if they would appreciate the help.

  1. Meetings – request for CC meeting day change and cancel Party Building Meeting in December?

Motion to cancel December Party Building meeting in December.  PASSED.

Also, motion to change the night of the CC to 2nd Thursday of the month. PASSED.

Who is on the cc? Jen, Mark, Steve, Dave and Denise. Send an email that for some votes/discussion we will be only including members of the cc. For more philosophical discussions we will be including the larger group. Include who is on the current CC.

  1. CC – change of roles for 2014

Dave nominated Jen for Chair. PASSED.

Denise offered to be Secretary. PASSED.

Discussion about having someone be a moderator of the website to make sure we have regular content.

Discussion about comments, content and purpose of the FB Group page.

  1. 2014 Elections

It would be appropriate for us to make to vote on endorsements if people come to us for endorsements. We can also cultivate candidates. We can do paper candidates. Problem with paper candidates in the paperwork and the filing. We should be trying to promote viable candidates.

  1. Issues and Outreach

    1. Newark election/power plant/ building local update

    2. Better contact with people in Sussex County fighting Harem/Allen plant.

  1. Locals

    1. Newark local – Reach out to established Greens in Newark to try to and have a regular meeting

  1. UD Student Project Update

Their presentation had alarming inaccuracies. One thing that came from the survey is the importance of social media. We also got the exposure from the presentation. Both Mark and Dave responded with feedback to the professor.

  1. GPUS annual budget

They don’t have enough incoming money to support the proposed budget. Dave is for the budget and Denise is against. Dave feels it’s an appropriate budget. Denise is worried about the debt that is being carried over–most of that is in profit sharing with the state parties.

They now do have a part-time fundraising person.

Other vote is up is about the Annual National Meeting site. St. Paul. Annual meeting is in July.

  1. Sign-on letter LWV EO41 Committee on Climate and Resiliency – Decided not to sign-on.

  1. Instant Runoff Voting – ADA – Dave is interested in bringing this issue up at the March meeting.

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