And Delaware’s union membership should grow a pair and get some leadership that represents them and are not just tools of the corporatocracy. In John’s inimitable Kowalko-ese:

“These leaders are taking advantage of the desperate situation their membership finds itself in to peddle false hopes and lies about some fanciful rainbow of opportunity fashioned by speculators and opportunists who do not have any allegiance to those working people or your families and community.”

In a new letter, a leader of Delaware’s construction unions ripped Rep. John Kowalko over his opposition to the data center and power plant proposal in Newark, telling the Newark Democrat he should look elsewhere for political support.

Kowalko proves his integrity, farsightedness, courage over and over, most recently for us with his strong, visible, public, loud support for Amy Roe and the people of Newark in her campaign for Newark mayor. John is a true representative of his constituents and their interests.

GPDE members need to get out and active in support of John Kowalko AND also to help our unions re-find their way…

(BTW, TDC’s power plant plan is really stupid and bad for our economy, jobs, and our environment. Learn all about it here. Learn more about Representative Kowalko here and here. While you’re at it, check out the GP’s Green Labor Network, and, oh, by the way, it’s too bad for those poor working class slobs in Maryland who are getting devastated by climate chaos! I’m so glad I’m safe and secure from all that here in Delaware.)



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