David McCorquodale is the current Chair of the Green Party of Delaware and has been active in the state party since 2003. David is also active in the Green Party of the United States and is a member of the committee that writes and edits the national party newsletter Green Pages.

David is retired from the U.S. Postal Service and lives in the Wilmington suburbs with his wife. An avid long-distance runner and marathoner, David has decided to apply the persistence required in that discipline to run for political office in order to offer the people of the 21st District a choice.

Dave proposes a Green New Deal in Delaware, in which the state would help to facilitate the creation of businesses which would be good for the environment, such as solar and wind power, insulating older buildings, and allowing farmers to grow industrial hemp.  He will emphasize raising the minimum wage and moving toward a living wage.  He will talk about the idea of sustainability and how our car culture and suburbia are not sustainable and that we must move to more mass transportation and using our land for growing food, instead of chemically treating it for manicured lawns. Finally, he will emphasize local control of schools and getting away from the top down control of education by the federal government.

David plans to run a grassroots campaign that won’t require buying media coverage, and is not accepting financial donations. To learn more about David’s campaign issues, visit his Facebook page: “David McCorquodale DE State Rep. for District 21.”

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