I thought I’d share some of what Clem noted…

“The only way America’s going to survive as a democracy is if you can keep the capital in the country and re-invest it in this country, and stop avoiding all these different tax loopholes that the corporations have been given, which favor strictly the one percent of this country,” says August.

“If they were left alone, and the people would have their right to self-determination, those problems would be straightening out, but we’re not going to give them a chance to, because we’re constantly sending them arms, sending them to fight each other, so they can make a profit–that’s basically what this country is, that’s one profit-motivated war machine–that’s our export,” says August.


  • Clem A. Kaos http://wdel.com/story.php?id=63639

    The candidates for Delaware’s U.S. Senate seat…
     Don’t play politics with our soldiers lives. At 3:00
  •  Coons’ record is not good w.r.t. putting our children in harm’s way.,
  •  Andrew Groff on Cuba at 6:00. Find ways, open dialog, cooperate with Cuba, constructive dialog, learn from their healthcare system.
  • At 10:00, we need to talk about basic rights in this country…
  •  At 13:30. We have a paradigm of violence in our country. We use violence at every level, we don’t teach peace. We have plenty of reinforcement for our paradigm of violence, kill anything we disagree with. Until we put our arms around ourselves, we won’t resolve any of these issues.
  • At 16:12: We’re hearing the same-old same-old means we’re only dealing with the symptoms. We have to talk about what kind of culture we want and how to get there…we deflect to constituencies…not getting at root causes.
  • Arlene Gormley King Hazeltine Are you shilling for the GOP?
  • Arlene, I know you think 3rd parties should be illegal.
     I’m shilling for 2nd parties, parties that are not the Republicrat Demopublicans.
    The one’s that are not the Corporacrats.

    .Catherine Damavandi for Attorney General on the Rick Jensen show!!!

    • Clem A. Kaos This is great!
    • DE has the hardest bar in the country. Catherine passed it in one try in 1999. Started in AG office in 2000.
      Catherine enjoyed prosecuting people who rip people off.
    • As a Deputy AG, Catherine worked in fraud division for 7 years, as lead deputy, also did misdemeanor trials in Court of Common Pleas, 40 cases in the morning, 40 cases in the afternoon…
    • Jensen’s referring to that duPont scion’s pederasty…
    •  Financial crimes, billions of dollars… Evil people need to know there’s someone on their tail.
    • The AG should treat everyone equally. What’s concerning to people, whether the office is politicized or not… The perception, the AG needs to have the confidence of the people that she will prosecute everyone equally.
    •  You better have evidence…
    • As a Green, she’ll have more freedom to be honest.
    • An independent watchdog. More freedom to prosecute someone in the other parties. There will still be the calls from the people with influence, trying to put pressure on the office, the AG should have the attorney’s back.
    •  It should never be a politicized office. It’s about merit. Catherine wants smart people in the office. With experience.
    •  Denn misunderstands what the AG does. And Kitilla wants to put prosecutors on the street!!! They need to be in the court rooms!
    • The campaign for Attorney General (Audio)
      “Catherine Damavandi is the only qualified candidate for the office.”
    •  “I believe in this office.”
    •  “She’s not creepy or freaky at all”!!!
    •  “Damavandi,” it’s lyrical!
    •  Being state AG is a management position, have to understand the law and have to manage people. Catherine has managed almost the entire securities division on a case, and made sure that all the attorneys got their accreditations…
    • Catherine has never been a Democrat or a Republican.
       Delaware is 24 percent 3rd party!
    •  Title 15 of the Delaware Code, legislator and governor have to change the system…
    •  Catherine is actually engaging in a real discussion with the caller!! A first for a radio talk show.
    •  Delaware law supports the sanctity of the vote.
    •  We’ve been jilted by businesses we’ve invested in, they should honor their commitments.
    • [What Jensen’s saying…That’s NOT the Green Party position, Rick!!
    • Clem A. Kaos Rick is misrepresenting the Green Party, just to dis us.
    • Clem A. Kaos Now Rick Jensen is saying what the Green Party is…geesh.
    • ]
      Now back to Catherine:
       Don’t impose more liability unnecessarily.
    •  Operation Safe Streets: we’re not the police chief, mayor or governor.
    •  Operation Safe Streets is plan that already works, we should use it.
    • Probation officers go out with police officers and keep them honest. You have 200-300 bad guys churning through the system, in the system, keep tabs on them, you know where they live. It’s an inexpensive solution that can be implemented right now. Let’s do it.
    • Clem A. Kaos: Excellent. Catherine gets the endorsement of Jensen and Libertarians. People are learning what Greens in Delaware really are about!!
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