Providing Delawareans with real (and superior) alternatives and building GPDE’s base and strength for continuing the fight!!

Statewide Voter Turnout = 36%

I believe, more and more, people are getting disgusted with the status quo and want to see change. It’s not going to happen until people participate in the change.
                                                                                                                                                   Dave McCorquodale
Bernie August, GPDE candidate for Congress:

I had a great time and I doubled my percentage! We did excellent. The Green Party did its job and WE are the best opposition in the State. We are honest and forthright. I went to 15 voting precincts and and shook many a hand. I went into Southbridge and the Eastside…Down around the Newark Areas and North of Wilmington….This year I saved enough money for signs. I was enthralled by the whole experience. When your are of member GPDE, a party that stands for progressive ideas, We are the cusp! . Dave McCorquodale 19.3% , Catherine Damavandi 4.6 %, Dave Chandler 2.8%. Excellent results for GPDE Candidate firsts timers. Bernie August 2.1% and Andrew Groff 2.0 % and another increase in party voting crossovers…We all are proving by running for office that we are speaking and being heard by everybody that care about progressive ideas. We must keep building the Green Party base and keep the momentum going for a permanent ballot access in focus…for the future! Peace and Love to everybody who ran for office!

David B. Chandler, GPDE candidate for DE Treasurer, is an excellent example of the Green Party’s ability to field superior candidates. In a state where most voters not only don’t vote but don’t even know who their Lt. Gov. is after decades in serving state government…the GPDE continues to show up impressively.

“Thanks Mom, and all the other friends and family that voted for me. Congratulations to the candidates for pushing up the vote totals and to Ken Simpler, the next State Treasurer. I would encourage him to reconsider his stated reluctance to be the third vote for pardon, commutation, or clemency (not a public vote) as individual cases come up.

“In response to Craig Seeman, we do not need much if any money to reach a mass audience by the internet.

“I will paraphrase Ray Suarez from AlJazeera America election coverage: The Democrats should have based their campaign on the truth. If you base your campaign on the truth, you need not have any regrets the next morning.”

Alan D. Harris:

Pretty impressive… just shy of 20%


Dave’s observations:

So here’s my quick analysis of the results in my district race. I got 965 votes, which represents 19% of the total votes cast of 5,012. That percentage is a historic high for a Green candidate in Delaware.

The first thing to note is that the total is about 400 votes less than Ramone got when he had no opponent in 2010 (although the district was changed somewhat in 2012) But with 17,000+ registered voters, the turnout was around 30%, indicating that overall the voters were not excited by any particular race to go to the polls. On the one hand, it could be noted that I took votes out of his previous total; on the other hand, there were more than 1,000 voters who cast votes in the state-wide office races, who did not vote for either me or Ramone. While that indicates an ongoing dissatisfaction with Ramone among a segment of the voters, it also indicates that those people are not yet willing to cast a vote for a third party candidate.

This was illustrated to me when one couple said they couldn’t vote for me because they were Roosevelt Democrats and voted straight party line. They weren’t willing to engage with me or they may have found out that the idea of a Green New Deal is a lot closer to what Roosevelt accomplished than anything Democrats stand for nowadays.

My conclusions are that Greens have a long way to go to convince voters we are viable candidates for a seat in the state legislature. We need to start even smaller than that office, with younger people who are committed to building the party long term. Only a record of success will overcome the inertia of party-line voting. While there is a significant segment which is willing to split their tickets, not enough are yet willing to cast a vote for a Green candidate. While I built some name recognition in this race, I am hesitant to think it could lead to success in a race this large. With a Democrat in the field, the odds would be even lower.

Part of what disappoints me about the experience was the lack of voter involvement. There was only one “debate” in which we participated and I had a total of less than ten minutes over a number of questions to make any points. The forum was not attended by the general public and there are no forums in which just the two candidates could debate on their own.

The “democratic process” is no longer about an exchange of ideas, but mostly about spending money on advertising. The Green Party also lacks any ability at this point to put together a campaign team for GOTV efforts or fielding a presence at the polls.

My brief election outcome analysis.
Big Republican gains across the country, not limited to Congress.

Serious reflection need on why. IMHO Democratic office holders don’t deliver much so their base either

1) Stays home. This is probably the largest group.

2) Votes Republican. Because they do deliver and when you can’t get a raise or improved social benefits you go for the pocket change you get from the party of Tax Cuts (heck you’re not getting the social benefits anyway). This swings the balance of power.

3) Look for alternatives. Greens increased numbers across the country but this is the smallest block and for the most part are still way too far away from winning partisan races.

Democrats will do NOTHING to change this as they’re paid not to by the corporate donors.

Greens don’t have the resources to do the outreach given the costs for media needed to sway masses.

Most of the public has very little interest in proactively seeking alternatives and they just stay home as the corporations win through sowing hopelessness and despair. Basically the frustrated public just stays home in increasing numbers for the most part.

Catherine Demavandi, GPDE candidate for Delaware AG:

Thank you to everyone who supported my campaign for Attorney General. As a third party, we did well, but were up against the odds in reaching the electorate with limited funds. The major party machines together raised over a half million dollars.

I thank the nearly 5% of voters who showed their support for me at the polls today. I’ve been glad to serve as the candidate who was qualified to run for this office, and provided honest solutions and proposals based upon what the Attorney General’s Office is able to do. While grandiose promises may sound more appealing to voters, candidates have an obligation to know the bounds of the offices that they run for, and make campaign promises they can keep.

I’m proud to have run as a candidate in this race; it was the right thing to do. As we move forward, I wish the best for Delaware, and the Attorney General’s Office.

Jennifer Sullivan:

We, Greens, really need to combat that American phobia about going with who they think will win (that they feel is the least evil) instead of going for who they REALLY WANT. Most people are SO DEPRESSED & down in this country that they can’t stand up & defend their values. To feel adequate they vote a party line from the BIG TWO that they either don’t totally loathe or that they sorta “hope” are who they say that they are. Greens need to break through this. It’s up against the top down funding of mass propaganda & the distractions thrown in the paths of citizens.

From the News Journal:

Denn has won three statewide races, for insurance commissioner and twice for lieutenant governor. He also was former Gov. Ruth Ann Minner’s legal counsel.

Despite that, 25 percent of adults in the state had never heard of him, according to a poll by the University of Delaware. Another 21 percent couldn’t rate his performance.

Denn ended up spending more than $312,400 on the campaign in October…

Damavandi, a former state prosecutor who left her job in September to run for attorney general, gave life to the race after accusing Denn of overreaching.

She said Denn would not have the power as attorney general to direct police patrols or coordinate substance abuse treatment efforts. Damavandi, who waited for results in Talleyville’s Lucky’s Coffee Shop, had promised to create a unit targeting the most violent career criminals if elected.


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