Venue: New Ark UCC

Attending: Bernie August, Debbie August, Dave Chandler, Alex Durnan, Andy Groff, Carolyn McCorquodale, Dave McCorquodale, Steve Messick, Erin Murphy, Madeline Perri, Mark Perri, Laura Philon, Phil Troxler, Jen Wallace joined us after the party business section of the meeting.

Meeting came to order: 12:25 pm

State of the Party

This was an off-year for elections so no candidates, just party growth. As of October-November we started to lose registration; as of Monday 604 Delawareans were registered Green. We need approximately 654 to maintain ballot status, so the main order of business over the next few months is getting people to register Green, converting from Sanders supporters. So reach out to people to get them to register Green!

People are disenfranchised, people are cynical. We are, and have been this year, the activists giving people hope. And fun! For example, the West Virginia activist group Keep Your Promises Dupont reached out to us — not any other political party — and we worked together to hold Dupont accountable for its global C-8 liabilities.

Treasurer’s Report

We have $1,539.91. Things we’ve paid for over the last year: PayPal, P.O. box, media from the national GP, Newark Community Day participation, stamps for recent mailings. We will send out letters to lapsed Greens after the election. We benefit from generous ongoing contributions of $40 a month.

Party Offices to Vote On

Treasurer — Steve Messick offered to continue as treasurer and he was nominated and seconded and unanimously supported in continuing as treasurer.

National Delegate Alternate — Mark Perri and Dave McCorquodale, the present national delegates, talked about the what the national delegates do and some of the issues that they’ve participated in discussions and voted on over the year. We would like to work to gender parity. However, Mark, whose national delegate position was up for renewal, was nominated, seconded, and unanimously voted to continue in the office. There is now a link on the GPDE Web site to the national committee voting page, and there’s a Facebook discussion site that Greens can join.

Other officers — membership on the Coordinating Council (CC) stands at 8, which is also the minimum. A quorum of 3/4 of 8 (which equals 6) is needed to vote on issues. The CC meets on 2nd Mondays at 7pm, usually at the Woodlawn Library, and is open to registered Greens. Let’s reach out to others to get people on the CC!

Statewide Candidates

Andrew Groff — Governor. We have built a lot of political capital with our candidates over the years. We need to build on that. We’ve been consistently attracting 4-5000 voters per candidate.

Mark Perri — U.S. Representative paper candidate.

Andy’s goal would be maximize media exposure, the channels of which have improved recently with PBS TV and radio, DDE radio in Dover, and local stations up- and downstate.

Andy and Dave M. discussed endorsement of GP US presidential candidates. Our bylaws require that candidates support GPUS’s presidential candidates. Andy’s intention is to capture the “Bernie or bust” people after the Democrat primaries (we’ll know by the end of April for sure that the Democrat party will dump Bernie Sanders). Andy committed to support the GPUS presidential candidate.

Mark will stand for U.S. House of Representatives on the GPDE ballot.

Both Andy and Mark were endorsed by majority vote. Mark unanimously, Andy with one abstention.

GPUS Presidential Candidate

Who should our delegates to the national convention support? The US GP has 13 (or 14) candidates, 5 are serious. Two have received recognition by the GPUS: Bill Kreml and Jill Stein

The CC favors endorsing Jill Stein and recommended the the GPDE support her as well. We voted unanimously in favor of the GPDE supporting Jill Stein as the GPUS presidential candidate. So all of our delegates at the national convention in Houston on August 6 should support Jill Stein.

We can send 4 delegates, each can vote one proxy vote. Bernie August and Dave M. will be 2 of the delegates. So we get our 4 allotted votes. Two more can go, but they’ll have to be vetted by the credentials committee (Dave M. will be on that committee). Laura Philon volunteered to be a delegate. Alex Durnan also volunteered.

National Green Party Issues

The North Carolina Green Party Youth Caucus, Michael Trudeau, is developing a national platform amendment proposal, which has been approved by several state parties and caucuses: “Economic Justice and Economic Sustainability,” to include language about ecosocialism, cooperative commonwealth, worker- and community-owned cooperatives, workplace grassroots democracy. Discussion followed: Is the language too disguised? We discussed the quality of the narrative. Shall we express our support for the amendment in general? We decided that we like it, but it needs rewriting. Dave M. will draft and send that message, which was unanimously supported.

Discussion Topics

What we are going to do to bring more people into the party? Pay canvassers in Wilmington, in the Black community? (It was noted that everyone in the room, again, was White.) Most Black men are disenfranchised. [Well, not most, but many.] West Side, Cool Spring/Tilton Park, will be very active in the upcoming Wilmington mayoral election.

Should we get ready and work hard to register Greens after the D/R primary the end of April? Focus on the 30-day registration-change window after the primary. Bernie Sanders has piggy-backed off the Occupy movement, there is a change happening but the mainstream Democrat party will not deliver on that. We only need 50 people to register Green. The deadline for party-changers (not newly registered voters) is May 28. Each of us can get 4 people to register Green!

Jen Wallace talked about her campaign for Newark city council. April 12 was the election day. [She won!]

How do we build power for political change? And hold leaders accountable? Get supportive people in legislation. People vote for people who they feel can “deliver” for them…people want alternatives but they’re afraid of losing the little power they think they have…

“Don’t be taken for granted!” Expose the Democrats’ corruption. Go to people who are suffering. Help them.




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