This election has awoken me, inspiring my rage,

The rich keep getting richer, we need a living wage.

My fellow americans, we must all get aboard

and agree big money leave politics, democracy restored

Our planet, it is dying, adjustments must be made

Who will fight for our climate? Plans must be laid.

Vote tampering, Do we matter? This seems an oligarchy

Hillary will perpetuate injustice as it be

Medicare for all! I used to feel the bern,

free college for students, Tribal nations power returned,

Injustice made right, we have strength in numbers.

we can make this happen, we must wake from political slumber

Wallstreet reformed, veterans revered with pride,

No more wars begun, Jill Stein is bona fide

fair taxation will unburden the middle class

Current presidential hopefuls will keep us at an impasse

Stein is my choice, I’ll support her til the end,

a message to the one percent, with her we can send

The DNC does not support the people’s voice, our enemy

We must take back America, the green candidate it must be.

BY- Dawn Lentz

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