We’re the Green tag team. We worked as a machine! It was a completely collective effort. I couldn’t have done it without David, Pete, John, Chesa, Anastasia, and Alex.

We had a good, productive time at Pride Fest.  I showed up at the same time as Dawn and John and we set up.  Later an acquaintance of Dawn’s came and applied the temporary tattoos.  Another women was there later and Pete came in the afternoon.

The weather, of course, helped.  The crowd was much more receptive than an average group.

Basically Dawn would draw people to our tent as they passed close by, by  saying “Hey, would you come sign my petition?”  This is a petition about end of life options, which is based on a piece of legislation being introduced by Paul Baumbach.  We got about 190 signatures.

After people had read and signed, we would then ask before they got away if they were registered to vote in Delaware and then proceed to explain why GPDE needs more registered voters.  We had lots of good conversations.  Some people sad they wanted to look into it more.  But we did sign 12 new people to the Green Party.

We also gave out 40 or 50 brochures about the party.  And at some point a group which wanted some temporary tattoos collectively gave us $14 even though we were not asking for money.

So it was a day well spent.  The big lesson I take from this experience is that when we are tabling, we need something which is quick and easy to draw people to the table before getting into the party and registering.  Dawn’s an expert at getting people to pay attention.

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