People’s Climate March – 9/21/14

The overarching goal of the march is to pressure world leaders (in town for the UN climate summit) for climate action now.  Ban Ki Moon has called for a binding agreement to try to keep climate change to 2 degrees Celsius, the generally agreed upon amount of change scientists think the earth can handle before catastrophic and potentially unstoppable climate change, by 2015.  This is a lofty goal given that a binding international climate agreement has NEVER worked before, but the situation calls for absolutely nothing less.

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The march will be 9/21 in New York City, exact time and route to be announced soon–then we can set our Delaware departure times.  There will be two bus stops in Delaware (unless there is enough demand to add more) – these will be in Newark (probably Trabant Center) and Wilmington.  Tickets will be $25/seat to cover the cost of the bus, but we don’t want cost to be a barrier for anyone who wants to go but can’t afford it, so reduced and no cost tickets are available for those who need them.  Reserve bus seats here.

There will be two community kickoff events in Delaware, in Wilmington on 8/21 at 5:30pm and Newark on 9/4 at 7pm.  Contact Stephanie Herron for details.