Alex is a Wilmington native and graduate of Salesianum High School and an Eagle Scout alumnus of Wilmington’s Troop 19. He graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 1995 earning a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, with a Minor in Marine Engineering; a US Coast Guard Third Mate License of Unlimited Tonnage; and an officer’s commission in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He worked several years in the maritime industry, traveling to many parts of the world, upon many commercial and government vessels earning his Master’s License of vessels up to 1600 tons, and Second Mate license of Unlimited Tonnage. He spent 16 years in the Naval Reserve earning the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He has also studied history at the University of Delaware, focusing on Irish studies.

Alex’s time in Scouting instilled in him both a great love for the natural world and in the joy of community service. He is currently works in a variety of community service and activism, including Wilmington in Transition, Pacem in Terris, the Urban Bike Project of Wilmington, the Wilmington Bicycle Council; the Better Block (Union Street) Committee, as well as being a member of the coordinating committee of the Green Party of Delaware. In the past he has also been a volunteer Chief Mate for the Kalmar Nyckel and a member of Bike Delaware. Alex is a steadfast activist for sustainability and bicycling and a student of permaculture. He is currently employed as a Stonemason Assistant. Alex also considers himself to be a Democratic Socialist, an Ecological Socialist, and an Anarcho-Syndicalist and contributes in those circles in the online community.

Alex is currently running for the seat on the New Castle County Council, representing the 10th District (approximately the southern half of Wilmington, south to the northern end of New Castle). The main power the county has that needs correcting is Land Use and planning. Sixty years of automobile focused growth has left our county a morass of tract housing, strip malls and ever widening high speed highways, with the small exception of the Brandywine and Red Clay valleys being preserved as a luxury for the One Percent. This represents both a lack of vision in sustainable development and the corruption of our democracy leading to a lack of environmental justice. Alex would also like to see a stronger cooperation between the city and county governments rather than operating in separate silos, since both the county and city are symbiotic to one another. He would also like to work within the county government to find ways to encourage the growth of Worker Owned Cooperative Enterprises to build community resilience and economic prosperity to the working class. Alex was proud to be one of Delaware’s delegates for Jill Stein in 2016, and strongly supports her plan of Peace, People and Planet over profit.

In his free time Alex enjoys reading, gardening, and exploring the world either by hiking or biking.