David McCorquodale, a retiree from the US Postal Service, is running for the 21st representative district of the Delaware State House. His opponent did not face another candidate in two elections cycles until David ran in 2014 when he received 19% of the vote.

Issues he most wants to emphasize are:

  • The need for a Green Jobs program in Delaware.
  • Support for not only an increase in the minimum wage, but a living wage for anyone who works a full-time job.
  • Facing the environmental crisis, which is going to strike Delaware particularly hard as it is the state with the lowest average elevation.
  • Local control of education. All of the money thrown at school districts by the federal government with restrictions on how things are to be taught has really gotten away from the goal of well-rounded educated citizens and more toward teaching to the test.

I am running because more needs to be said about the larger issues facing the state of Delaware: climate change, how to bring sustainable jobs into the state, how to decriminalize petty offenses, how to wean the state from financials giveaways to private corporations. I will be addressing such issues on my Facebook page in the time leading up to the election.