Bernie August for U.S. Congress

Bernie August was born and raised in Wilmington and currently lives in the Wilmington suburbs with his wife and grandson. He is a retired union employee of General Motors. Bernie ran for U.S. House of Representatives in 2012 and is running again because he wants to offer an alternative to the monopolistic political parties that have controlled Delaware for the last 100 years.

Bernie was a proud Delaware member of the Occupy movement in 2011-2012, which brought national attention to the economic injustice resulting from the bailout of investment banks and mortgage companies that only benefitted the “1%.” Bernie opposes the multinational corporations and banks that control our government, because their goal is to plunder and destroy our Earth’s finite resources based on false economic theories of infinite economic growth.

Bernie is committed to positive change for all Delawareans, with a particular focus on confronting the issues of poverty, housing, state-run mental health facilities, the prison-industrial complex, and labor rights.

To learn more about Bernie August’s campaign go to his website:

David B. Chandler for Delaware State Treasurer

David Chandler is a resident of Newark who grew up in Brandywine Hundred. He is currently employed as a professional mathematics tutor at Widener University in Chester, PA. David holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Delaware. He is widowed with a stepson and stepdaughter.

David does not owe anyone political favors and would work to shield the State Treasury from undue influence from the Governor. He believes that the Cash Management Board should be subject to transparency and that its members should have term limits of 4 or 6 consecutive years. David thinks that safely investing the state treasury in fixed income instruments should not require the payment of large management fees to bankers. If elected, David Chandler and his staff would be competent to handle this task themselves.

David takes a fiscally conservative view of investing the state’s reserve funds. One of the greatest dangers is “churning” to generate fees, which is a natural temptation for financial professionals. He believes that most financial decisions should be made by state employees (including the treasurer) on fixed salaries, not consultants.

David Chandler would also use his position as one of three elected members of the state Board of Pardons to address the issues of mass incarceration of people of color and the “new Jim Crow” in this state. He believes that the Board of Pardons should recommend far more individuals than it has, on an individual basis, for commutation and for pardon, essentially undoing a lot of the hard work of the Attorney General’s office. He supports clemency for each inmate on death row, not only those facing immediate execution at the time.

David is a “Fiscal Conservative with a Progressive Agenda.”

Catherine Damavandi for Delaware Attorney General

Catherine was a career Deputy Attorney General at the Attorney General’s Office (Department of Justice) from January 2000 to September 5, 2014. By law, she was required to resign to run for Attorney General. She believes in Equal Justice for All.

During her tenure at the Attorney General’s Office, Catherine prosecuted white collar crime in Superior Court and misdemeanor crimes in the Court of Common Pleas. She later represented the Delaware Human Relations Commission, the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board, and the Department of Correction.

Catherine previously served as Chair and Counsel Member of the Delaware State Bar Association’s (DSBA) Litigation Section, and Assistant to the DSBA President. She has also received numerous service awards.

Catherine Damavandi’s key issues are crimes against children, elder abuse, neighborhood safety, and financial predators.

Crimes Against Children.

I am committed to protecting our children from harm. Whether it’s child abuse, neglect, exploitation or bullying, I will vigorously safeguard our vulnerable population.

Elder Abuse.

Protecting older Delawareans from exploitation and abuse is a critical responsibility of the Attorney General. Our seniors should never fall victim to scams, fraud or physical abuse. Defending our loved ones in their golden years is a top priority.

Neighborhood Safety

Violent crime in Delaware has become an epidemic. Every Delawarean deserves to live in a safe community. I will offer direct solutions to take violent criminals off the street.

Financial Predators

Financial crimes affect all of us. With the rise of technology, anyone can be a target. Under my leadership, the Attorney General’s Office will proactively investigate and prosecute lawbreakers who commit financial crime.

Catherine enjoys spending her free time with her family, and volunteering for local charities and high schools in the community.

Visit Catherine Damavandi’s website at:

Andrew Groff for U.S. Senate

Andrew Groff was born and raised in Delaware but has lived in New England and traveled all over the world for business. An Economics and Business graduate of the University of Delaware, he worked for many years in the international shoe industry. Currently Andy runs his own consulting firm, Avero Systems, and teaches part-time at Delaware Tech. Andy and his wife have one daughter and reside in North Wilmington.

Like all Green Party candidates, Andrew Groff accepts no corporate donations. He refuses to be controlled by the corporate interests that have bankrupted this country and outsourced too many good jobs overseas. He ran for U.S. Senate in 2012, and is running again despite the lack of media attention (which only comes to candidates who spend lots of money).

Andrew Groff believes that our democracy is under assault and our representatives from Delaware have contributed to today’s problems by their self-serving behavior. For example banking deregulation, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Patriot Act all show a fundamental disregard for democracy.

Andrew proposes “a platform to live by”:

  1. A living wage for full time employees of $22/hr, with inflationary adjustments.
  2. Single-payer healthcare to eliminate the insurance profit layer of nearly 30%.
  3. Elimination of established-corporation welfare including petro/chemical/coal, agribusiness, and banking/financial subsidies.
  4. Student loans at Federal funds rate (currently < 1.5%) for all outstanding loans.
  5. Equal access to jobs and equal pay levels for women.
  6. Repatriation of corporate profits; gross receipts corporate taxation.
  7. Reduced military footprint: close redundant bases, cut spending.
  8. Insure benefits for our veterans: clean up the VA and make sure vets are completely supported.
  9. Make sure polluters clean up their mess; bankruptcy is no financial protection. Hold executives personally responsible for their decisions
  10. End NDAA, Patriot Act restrictions on constitutional rights
  11. Support Citizens United, McCutcheon override amendment; and public financing of elections.
  12. Real financial regulation, with elimination of TooBigToFail and installation of Robinhood fee.

To learn more about Andrew Groff’s candidacy for U.S. Senate, visit his website at:

David McCorquodale for State Representative, 21th Legislative District

David McCorquodale is the current Chair of the Green Party of Delaware and has been active in the state party since 2003. David is also active in the Green Party of the United States and is a member of the committee that writes and edits the national party newsletter Green Pages.

David is retired from the U.S. Postal Service and lives in the Wilmington suburbs with his wife. An avid long-distance runner and marathoner, David has decided to apply the persistence required in that discipline to run for political office in order to offer the people of the 21st District a choice.

David proposes a Green New Deal in Delaware, in which the state would help to facilitate the creation of businesses which are good for the environment, such as solar and wind power, insulating older buildings, and allowing farmers to grow industrial hemp.  One way to achieve this would be to replace the current Blue Collar Jobs portion of the unemployment tax (on employers) with a Green Jobs tax. This money could help train workers in skilled trades applicable to green industries as well as attract green employers.

David McCorquodale will prioritize raising the minimum wage and moving toward a living wage.  Equally important is environmental sustainability. Our car culture and suburbia are not sustainable; we must move to more mass transportation and using our land for growing food, instead of chemically treating it for manicured lawns. Finally, he will push for local control of schools and getting away from the top down control of education by the federal government.

David plans to run a grassroots campaign that won’t require buying media coverage, and is not accepting financial donations. To learn more about David’s campaign issues, visit his Facebook page: “David McCorquodale DE State Rep. for District 21.”


A vote for the Green Party is a vote for the people and real change.

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