Wilmington Mothers Working to Heal Our City

On this Mothers’ Day, outreach from Wilmington’s Lanita Brooks to help heal and build our community:

For these Wilmington-area moms, Mother’s Day will never be the same

It is for all of these reasons that Lanita Brooks wants to unite this tragedy-stricken community. Her personal Facebook page has turned into a page for moms and family members to plan their next move.

Brooks is trying to gather parents on June 2 at Grace United Methodist Church on North Washington Street to create a documentary about their loss.

The goal is to not lose touch with each other.

“We gotta stick together,” Brooks said tearfully, “because it’s the only way we’re gonna stop this.”



Families and friends please let me know if you would want to participate in doing a documentary of your loved one gone due to violence in our streets. We’ll be hosting and brunch on this day as well. Start time will be 12pm on Saturday June 2nd, 2018. Please come share your loved ones life with us and the world. Our loved ones meant so much and their lives mattered and still do. Please reach out and let us know you will be attending. 900 North Washington Street right behind the Sheraton Suites Hotel.

From The News Journals’ Brittany Horn:

The News Journal is looking to compile a more complete picture of Delaware’s unsolved homicides. To do this, we need your help. If you or your family has lost a loved one to homicide, please fill out the information at the link below and share it with us. Your contact information will not be shared with anyone outside of our newsroom.


Unsolved Delaware Homicides


Thank you, Lanita, for opening up your home and sharing your story with me. We couldn’t do this without your courage to share your son with us. I’m also looking to build a database of the unsolved homicides in Wilmington, as well, and am asking families to share their stories and information with us, if they’re willing:


Unsolved Delaware Homicides

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