David Chandler, GPDE Candidate for Delaware Treasurer

I have long believed that the Democratic Party will never lead us to the promised land.  The United States should not be trying to rule the world, but that is precisely what both so-called major parties are trying.  Nearly all Democrats in Congress voted to invade Iraq, in the face of strong evidence that Iraq had no WMDs.  In Delaware, Democrats were the leaders in gutting the Coastal Zone Act and in creating the surcharges all Delmarva customers pay Bloom Energy. The Green Party believes in social justice, environmental justice, nonviolence, and grassroots democracy.

I have a doctorate in discrete mathematics (not required for the job) and a habit of honesty (required).  More important to me, the treasurer sits on the Board of Pardons, the necessary first stop before a convict can receive a commutation from the governor.  Delaware has the highest rate of incarceration in the Northeast, almost twice that of New Jersey.  Nationally, we have about ten times more prisoners than when Nixon was president.

Delaware’s prisons are a brutal disgrace, mainly due to too many bodies’ being crowded in there.  Some should never have been sentenced to prison at all for their offenses, and others have received sentences far too long because of mandatory minima and harsh judges.  In general, the shorter the time a person spends in prison, the more likely he or she will become a responsible member of society.



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